buymeby is your digital foodstand

We excel at showing the world know what you are selling today!

New customers

As a Buymeby Vendor, you have access to all shoppers on our platform, and they have access to you.

Sell more inventory

Buymeby lets shoppers reserve items from your inventory online. You set aside items when they are ordered, shoppers pick them up later that day, and pay you upon pick-up. Cha-ching!


Using Buymeby is simple:

1. Upload whatever items you want to sell today on to the Buymeby app.

2. We will show your items to shoppers in your area.

3. Shoppers will reserve items from you for pickup via the Buymeby app.

4. As orders come in, simply put the reserved items aside.

5. Shoppers will pick up items before the day's end. Payment happens upon pickup.