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Did you hear about the new rooftop farm down the street? Probably not, because they don't have a marketing budget. Buymeby lets you see who's growing & creating fresh food in your area. We go out of our way to help independent food growers & creators, who are not yet well known, reach shoppers like you online.


Exclusive food

Much of the inventory you find on Buymeby comes from small vendors who don't yet sell online.


here this morning, gone later today

Small-batch, independently-made, and preservative-free food products have to move quick, so reserve the items you like before they are gone!


save time

Get there before you get there - access today's inventory from the convenience of your digital device, with the Buymeby app

Support small & local vendors

Buymeby is a way for vendors to cut out the middlemen and sell directly to shoppers like you!