How it works

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Vendors take pictures of their food


Shoppers browse daily stock and locations


Reserve, meet and maybe get to know each other!


Enabling a community of #PeopleFeedingPeople



  1. Upload whatever items you want to sell today on to the Buymeby app.

  2. Your items will appear to shoppers in your area.

  3. Shoppers will reserve items from you for pickup via the Buymeby app.

  4. As orders come in, simply put the reserved items aside.

  5. Shoppers will pick up items before the day's end. Payment happens upon pickup.

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  1. Download the Buymeby app.

  2. Make a profile.

  3. Browse! Discover local food, found nowhere else.

  4. Connect! Order what you like before its gone.

  5. Collect! Pick up & pay for your order at vendor's location.



Our Mission

Our mission is to help local food reach more locals. We want to help create a world where people feed people. We feel that by decentralizing food distribution we can help achieve greater economic efficiency and resiliency - reducing foodwaste, and allowing profits to be distributed locally.