We beekeepin’ it cool in the summer heat, with Andrew’s Honey.

An interview with accomplished beekeeper, Andrew from Andrew’s Honey.

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Tell us about your origin story! How’d you get started?

I got started young, its our family business.

How long has the business been around?

Since the 1800s.

Wow, thats no joke! Is it true that honey is safe to eat forever?

Honey is the only food that never spoils. Its not like a marriage or children, honey never goes bad!

What goes into creating your product?

Well, its mostly the bees. They find the flowers, gather the nectar, mix it with enzymes in their own bodies, and through their own special alchemy they render that into honey.

How many bees+beehives do you manage?

Many many many many (many many many).

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Do you have any special process you apply towards the creation of this honey that is outside of the norm?

No twists, we’re very traditional.

1. We remove the honey from the beehive,

2. We centrifuge it.

3. Gravity feeds into the tank.

4. We filter out the wax with a cheesecloth.

5. Pour that honey into bottles.

Its all unheated. Its all raw!

Whats something most people don’ t know about honey?

Most people don’t know that there are different varieties of honeys based on the nectar source. There are about 300 types of honeys produce in the u.s. and 1000s throughout the world. All depending upon the type of flowers from which the bees took their nectar. Its not to do with the type of bee its to do with the type of flower.

What is your personal favorite thing bout Honey?

Personally, I like working with the bees themselves. I find it meditative, and a nice way to spend the day.

Bee populations are dropping. Whats one thing people could do to help out?

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One thing people could do is to buy honey at their local farmers markets. Buy local honey, get to know the beekeeper her- or him- self, rather than buying honey from a big box store. Its better for your health, better for the carbon footprint of your product, and better for the bees.

Where can people find you?

Union Square on Wednesday and Saturday, or at AndrewsHoney.com

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