What is Buymeby?

Buymeby is a community for people that create food and people that appreciate fresh locally-sourced food to connect.

Why did you create an app?

The Buymeby mobile app creates a medium for interactions between community members to happen. People selling food can post what they have created or harvested today, and those interested in fresh one-of-a-kind food can quickly place orders for those items while they're in stock.

What's up with the name Buymeby?

Our name "buy me by" is a reminder that food is perishable and needs to be acted on in a timely matter. What made snapchat so popular? It's that their short videos had a limited lifespan and would dissapear shortly after, which added to their importance in the minds of users. Similarly, our hope is that we can remind people of the limited lifespan of food so that they can view it as important and put it to use! Currently up to 40% of food ends up in the trash, and yet 49 million Americans go hungry every year.

We believe that by putting the power of food distribution in the hands of people, we can reduce food waste and help create stronger local communities.


Han Ke
CoFounder 💻



Carlos de Santiago
CoFounder 📈