What is Buymeby, exactly?

Buymeby is a mobile app for live deals on food. Food Vendors upload items onto the app, these items are shown to shoppers using the app. Vendors can change the prices of their items with the tap of a button, or let Buymeby change them algorithmitically. These price changes are seen live by all shoppers using the app, prompting shoppers to purchase items when they see a good deal.

We aim to reduce foodwaste, one date at a time.

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Find smarter prices on food from local and independent vendors; Farmers markets, and more.


food Vendors

Sell more efficiently. Using dynamic pricing as a free marketing and distribution tool, you can reach beyond your physical location and attract new customers.


our planet

Up to 40% of food ends up in the trash, because of inefficient or outdated distribution practices. It's time to harness today's technology to make foodwaste a thing of the past.